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Samsung i7410 Projector Phone And MBP200 Micro-projector Release Dates And Official Pricing Revealed

Samsung’s i7410 projector phone
Samsung’s i7410 projector phone

If you were somehow waiting for more info on Samsung’s i7410 projector phone and MBP200 micro-projector, specifically their prices and when they are to become available, you’re in luck. Samsung has just announced the release dates and pricing of both devices recently, and you won’t be waiting too long if you are planning to get one of either for yourself.

The Samsung MBP200 micro-projector is set to become available this May and is expected to cost 499 Euros or about $640 USD. Meanwhile, the Samsung i7410 projector phone doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it’s slated for a summer release with a yet to be announced price. I’ll be reporting updates on both devices when even more info about them surfaces.

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