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Samsung N110 Notebook Reviewed, Still Deemed Better Than The Competition

Samsung N110 Notebook

Many months after its first entry into the netbook market, Samsung still stands atop a heap of its competition’s dead bodies. Or at least, that’s what Laptop tells us in its multi-page review of the Samsung N110 netbook. Yes, the N110 is a new model right there, but it sports exactly the same features as the original, the Samsung NC10.

The Samsung N110 netbook boasts a 1.6GHz Intel N270 Atom processor, 160GB of hard disk space, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP Home, Wi-Fi, and a higher-capacity 6-cell battery for longer battery life. That last feature is one of the things that makes the N110 great, and, coupled with an improved trackpad and comfortably wide keyboard, quite possible makes the N110 the best netbook ever.

Samsung N110 Notebook

Laptop says pricing will start at $469 (about 22,500 Pesos), but good luck being able to find one locally in the first place. Read the full Samsung N110 review via the source link below.

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